Artists of the Industry (AOFTHEI) Music Publishing is becoming a big focus of this Chicago and Los Angeles based interactive content marketing company. The agency continues to create its own momentum through organic growth in the Virtual, Augmented Reality and immersive technology industry within the hospitality, meetings and live event sectors, where the company was rooted before AOFTHEI was launched just over 2 years ago. The company also has deep roots in the music business going back many years and has always planned to launch a music platform, adding high quality original music to its menu of content related creative services. In this podcast episode, the Chicago based duo, Co-Founder, Duane Tornquist and staff Producer and Production Coordinator, Justin James Dumar talk about the road traveled towards curating the music at the AOFTHEI studios and the work that has taken place to set up the various publishing and licensing entities within the firm. The company will soon launch a fully interactive online music service, publishing platform, commercial recording service, record company and artist management division. Here is a sneak peak behind the music business strategy at AOFTHEI.

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