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AOFTHEI is where you can take your education, training, sales, marketing and entertainment platforms to places once only imagined in the world of science fiction. The future is now with AOFTHEI’s artistry, culture and innovative approach to Experiential Content Technology and the use of Futurist Creative Content Production. Artists of the Industry blends what is known as mixed reality together with real human storytelling and business to business solutions, bringing the touch points of communication into immersive and interactive environments.

The next best thing to being there in person

Take a guided tour by virtually walking through a venue. Board the elevator and take to the 46th floor or ride the escalator to the meeting and event space. See the views, visit the beach or a PGA golf course in a total 360 immersive experience. Or see, hear, and feel the story a full documentary. Where imagination and manifestation meet the modern digital age.

Atlanta Marriott Marquis 

Between Hope & Change 

Monument Resort 


VR, AR, Apps, and Beyond

The reality you want to live in starts with a dream of what could be: a vision of a potential reality. With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), experienced individually or combined (known as MR or Mixed Reality) allows for a true endless universe of possibilities. Year over year interactive technologies and experiences continue to grow and enhance our everyday experiences.  Come dream with us and design the app, world, or virtual reality you want your target audience to experience. Our Artists of the Industry team dreams for our clients every day, and sometimes at night.


Building Your App

App Development

Apps are a great way to train, educate, entertain, and increase customer engagement. From branded games to internal training tools we’ve built world-class apps for Apple IOS, Android, and Windows devices utilizing the flexible and powerful Unity Engine.

Web Design

Having a strong online brand presence is absolutely crucial. Expand your brand awareness like never before by utilizing our multi-disciplined team to build a content-rich website that will reel in customers and deliver an unforgettable experience.


The future of the new creative economy and landscape is here. Content Marketing is about to enter a new reality. Artists of the Industry sees Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as the next powerful engine for telling a brand’s story.

Virtual Tours

Artists of the Industry new VTX platform virtually maps any location, streamlining costs and accessibility from remote locations when the physical environment is not available due to space scheduling conflicts. Share your location faster and to a larger audience than ever before online, via APP, or with a VR headset.


Behind every successful application is a robust and intuitive analytics system driving future decisions. From user retention to ROI it is crucial you see real-time data that you can act on. All of our applications have a built-in analytics platform to record and assess metrics you deem important.


We believe that technology is revolutionizing the training space. Utilizing fully interactive virtual environments can save thousands of dollars in staffing, equipment, and time while educating a workforce faster than ever before. Work with us to help craft the perfect training simulation for your future employees.


Don’t take it from us, check out what our clients are saying about Artists of the Industry

New Orleans Marriott & Sheraton

Jim Fein, Director of Sales at the New Orleans Marriott and the Sheraton New Orleans speaks about the new AOFTHEI Interactive Virtual Tour Experience recently launched as part of the digital sales and immersive marketing platform tool, now in use at the two iconic NOLA properties.


Cutting Edge Technology

Augmented Reality

Artists of the industry is excited to share some of our leading, innovative, augmented reality technology in development. Augmented reality is the future of new creative economy and landscape as the next powerful engine for telling a brand’s story.

Atlanta Marquis VTX

Imagine putting an entire hotel in your back pocket and sharing it with anyone! This idea became the Marriott Marquis’ VTX, a virtual tour experience which provides their sales and events team with a groundbreaking new way to share their iconic property with the world. This innovative new technology layers ultra-high definition, 4K 360 video over an interactive experience, built on a gaming engine, allowing seamless travel throughout the hotel, right from your desktop or handheld device.
Download Press Pack (250mb).

RFID & Global Streaming

RFID Tracking and Subject Matter Social Networking together with Global 360 Immersive Webcasting from the meeting and event space to an audience anywhere in the world. Collaboration from site to site and peer to peer through AOFTHEI Interactive digital 360 and custom social networking applications.


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