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Audio Books / Podcasts

In today’s modern world of on-the-go, voice has grown in popularity of conceiving information. 32% of Americans are monthly podcast listeners (Approx. 150 million people) with the smartphone being the #1 platform of consumption, makes it easy to successfully reach your audiences. We specialize in voice recording, mixing, & editing. We can turn your simple conversation, book, or internal messaging into a fully immersive and engaging audio experience.

Sound Design

We love painting with sound, our team can creatively give your picture the sound it needs. Whether it’s simple bubbly tone for commercial to cinematic immersive audio that leaves your viewers on the edge of their seat. Our studio is equipped with all the special tools to paint sound to picture in real time.


Companies around the world use AOFTHEI to record replacement dialog for feature films, TV, and Independent films.


Need help finding the voice of your global campaign or company sizzle reel? Contact us and our team will help guide you in the right direction.


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