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Artists of the Industry (AOFTHEI) partners with the world’s most iconic brands to build creative interactive and content marketing platforms, sales tools and digital brand activation, designed to emotionally connect and elevate brand message, products and services above the competition.

Utilizing custom (UX) User Experience and (UI) User interactive together with concept design and creative content, AOFTHEI brand activation rises above the noise in a competitive world to emotionally connect in ways only once imagined.

AOFTHEI Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms in concert with stimulating creative production and design, communicates a brand message straight to the intended audience, creating fast activation and connection, creating customers for life.

AOFTHEI is a creative service company designed by digital and content artists from the hospitality, entertainment, and events industries, where imagination and practical outcomes merge to create returns on investments, brand positioning and overall elevation of a company’s long term objective and digital strategy.

Based in Chicago and Los Angeles, our team consists of engineers, UI & UX developers, game creators, music producers, graphic artists, film makers, event producers, and VR/AR designers.


Chicago & Los Angeles Studios

Interactive Experiences

The future of interactive technologies is both exciting and daunting. Whether an app, VR experience or AR tool; we’ll handle the buzz words so you can focus on the idea.


Energize and excite your team, boardroom, or company with the most universally understood language. Our artists are ready to take your story from pre production to post and deliver an unforgettable pieces of cinema.

Sound Design

Experience the most mowerful and creative in-house sound design and composer services in the business. Our music completes the experiential content production toolbox.

Live Event Creative

Let our years of experience bring your show to life. We utilize storytelling, innovative production design, and new technologies to captivate your audience.





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