Venues, convention centers, hotels, resorts, and destinations are challenged with reaching more travelers and meeting planners due to scheduling, budgets, and space availability. The need to expand a venue or property’s ability to provide detailed digital site visit experiences during the selling process has a solution, with the use of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

New Orleans Marriott & Sheraton VTX 

Showcasing the guest rooms, meeting space, restaurants, golf courses, beaches, outlets and surrounding city and historical museums and locations is now available through the Artists of the Industry (AOFTHEI Interactive) VTX Platform and meeting planner plug ins.

Design the event as you imagine in the actual space with AOFTHEI immersive planning tools and plugins. Build your conference in ultra high definition 360 video. Place tables, seating, stages, audiovisual, food and beverage, and decor within the virtual reality environment. Then transport yourself into the space, taking a virtual walk through your future conference in complete immersive 360 high definition.

Take an entire venue in your pocket, purse of briefcase. Always be ready to give personal site visits to anyone, anytime no matter your geographical or scheduling circumstances. 

Distribution through any device, tablet, phone, computer, IOS, Android, screen share applications, and VR headsets are all incorporated in the design to create experiences for the user that are simple additions to tech already familiar to most consumers around the globe.

Gone are the days of outdated photo books, diagrams, and old marketing collateral, due to renovations, new amenities, and added features to your venue. The entire hotel, resort, and conference center now exist in a digital world where changes can be made, keeping  site visits fresh and fun, not to mention up to date.

Walk through a space in your own time. See what the space can look like with your branding. Feel what the venue has to offer and allow your guests to imaging a restful nights sleep after an event or day of educational sessions, all in total immersive virtual and augmented reality. Imagine your attendee’s future experience now. Make adjustments prior to the actual show date, now, in the VR world.