World Class Recording Studio

Full Band Tracking

Work comfortably in our large tracking room built for full bands (Or even an full choir). Utilize our classic selection of microphones, outboard gear, and Pro Tools system all driven by our fully analog API 1608 console. Our in-house engineers & producers will help capture and sculpt your sound from a song to a record.

Mixing & Mastering

Classic vintage to modern day, our studio is equipped with the industries best tools. Our experienced in-house engineers will help shape the sound you’ve been dreaming of. Film, shorts, spots, to any genre of music or multimedia! Our control room is designed to accurately ensure that your project will sound to it’s fullest potential.

Commercial Music & Licensing

Artist of the Industry’s team is curated of the highest level of producers, songwriters, musicians, and all around creatives. Our vast catalog of original music can set the tone of your film, commercial, game, or radio spot. Let us guide your story to the next level. Want something original/custom not from our catalog? Our staff is ready to compose to picture to deliver you that special one-of-a-kind moment.

Rehearsal Space

Looking for a private rehearsal space before your big show? Our facility has a large room that can accommodate a full band plus more. With a rear loading dock and fully secure space, you can prepare for your next gig in the comfort and privacy of our space.


Add The Final Touch To Your Production

Audio Books / Podcasts

In today’s modern world of on-the-go, voice has grown in popularity of conceiving information. 32% of Americans are monthly podcast listeners (Approx. 150 million people) with the smartphone being the #1 platform of consumption, makes it easy to successfully reach your audiences. We specialize in voice recording, mixing, & editing. We can turn your simple conversation, book, or internal messaging into a fully immersive and engaging audio experience.

Sound Design

We love painting with sound, our team can creatively give your picture the sound it needs. Whether it’s simple bubbly tone for commercial to cinematic immersive audio that leaves your viewers on the edge of their seat. Our studio is equipped with all the special tools to paint sound to picture in real time.


Companies around the world use AOFTHEI to record replacement dialog for feature films, TV, and Independent films.


Need help finding the voice of your global campaign or company sizzle reel? Contact us and our team will help guide you in the right direction.


Full Immersive 360 Audio

Ambisonic audio plays a big role in full immersion for 360 and VR content. AOFTHEI is proud to offer ambisonic audio services for your next immersive project. Unlike standard audio (left, center, right audio signal) ambisonic audio is a full-sphere surround sound format. Hearing sound from above, below, and all around you, giving a sense of depth, dimension, and space. From birds flying above you, cars driving around you, to the tree’s brushing in the wind behind you, ambisonic audio adds a new level of sensation. Utilizing special tools and microphones to capture spaces in unique ways like never before.

AOFTHEI partnered with COME UNITY, a non-profit organization changing the lives in East Africa through education, basic needs, & sustainability. Our team packed the 360 camera and set off to East Africa, capturing the change that COME UNITY is making, to hear, see, and feel the voices of the men, women, and children of East Africa.

Watch our full length 360 documentary produced by the AOFTHEI team that features an original soundtrack and ambisonic audio all mixed in our fully equipped sound design studio.


Best Tools In The Business

Equipped with the finest audio production tools in the business, AOFTHEI’s music and sound design control room were hand-crafted with every detail in mind. The brainchild of former A&M Recording Studios alumni, Duane Tornquist and Roland Alvarez, incorporating an analog front in conjunction with the latest digital technology, this room is sure to please the most sophisticated golden ears in the industry.

Making music and designing cinematic soundscapes in stereo, surround, or immersive 360 are all possible due to the custom constructed patch bay and signal flow built-in to the studio’s design, ensuring that every possibility is available and easily accessible for creative tracking and mixing sessions.

  • API 1608 console

  • Incredible Mic Selection

  • Musical Instruments

  • Highend Outboard Gear

  • Vocals Booth

  • Vast Plug-ins Library

  • Avid Pro Tools HD

  • Custom Patch Bay

  • Dolby Atmos Equipped

  • Game Engine Design


A Few Samples Of What We’ve Worked On

The Process

AOFTHEI creates music at their Chicago studios, that far exceeds the ordinary, typical music bed service. We work in a world-class recording studio environment that encourages creative collaborative fun as part of the AOFTHEI company culture. Our friendly staff, recording artists, mixing engineers, and producers passionately collaborate with composers, performers, and writers to create music beds and soundscapes which add the emotional connection to your project.


Music & Sound Design

Feature piece of music written, recorded, and sound designed at Artists of the Industry by our very own in-house composer and producer, Justin James Dumar. Created to provide a sense of romance and mystery between man and machine.

A of the I Radio Network


Welcome to the AOFTHEI Radio Network, a podcast dedicated to connecting the digital world of business through creativity, imagination and innovation. Broadcasting from the Artists of the Industry Studios located in Chicago, Illinois, our discussion format includes a variety of topics centered around being a human being within our digital landscape. This is where science, humanity, technology, spirituality and technology converge to manifest into a voice that represents the future, in concert with learning from our past. Artists of the industry is a creative content marketing activation and technology development company that partners with some of the worlds most iconic brands to create amazing communication platforms in this fast moving world of consumer, products and services. However, the AOFTHEI Podcast, dives deeper into the personal aspirations, lessons learned, not only in the field of technology, corporate leadership, and the arts, but the personal struggles and triumphs of being a human being on the planet earth.

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