Artists of the Industry’s Vision & Philosophy

Welcome to the start of something very different. Artists of the Industry is a socially responsible digital content agency connecting the most interesting and fascinating creatives with forward thinking partners. We develop emotionally connected, technologically advanced, and innovative content to tell stories, grow market share, and expand corporate culture and legacy.

A of the I Nation is our contribution to other’s success. We are here to serve our customers in concert with the talented men and women of all creative content and innovative technologies. We empower designers and developers to create new economies, collectively gain market share and deliver the highest and most captivating partnerships through Artists of the Industry.



Chief Creative Officer | Co-Founder

Pure passion for building teams to take A of the I partners beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary starts with taking care of people first. Tornquist’s love for connecting creatives, ideas and technologies together with the need of the customer, allows for a collaborative journey to higher ground in the world of business to business communications. Duane’s relationship with his team and associates will always be the foundation for driving ROI and magic through technology, to become a true asset for the brands and organizations that Artists of the Industry strives to create, customers for life. A diversified career in sales, marketing, entertainment, event production, travel, and hospitality. Tornquist brings it all together to create Artists of the Industry, where it all comes full circle. Pioneering a service and product that is unique, innovative and forward thinking in the experiential content marketing and sales arena is in part, the overall objective of this entrepreneur.


Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder 

For over 22 years Jim owned and operated one of North America’s most well known event technology firms. After successfully selling his company, Jim became the CEO and Co-Founder of Artists of the Industry with his long-time friend, SVP and former CMO, Duane Tornquist. Jim has always aligned himself top talent and believes in surrounding himself with experience, creativity and likeminded individuals in pursuit of excellence. Once recognized by INC. 500 as one of the fastest growing privately help companies in the United States, Jim believes Extreme Customer Service was the key ingredient for his former success and will be front and center, setting the stage for what is ahead for AOFTHEI and its partners throughout the hospitality and corporate communication industries.


Vice President | Interactive

Spencer Stuard started his career in the entertainment industry at Disney Consumer Product’s Think Tank doing multimedia product development. He was then recruited to Master Key, a Hollywood based VFX house and later shifted gears to design mobile games at Disney Interactive. He helped design top grossing apps and was responsible for rapid iterative prototyping for Disney’s next mobile titles. Spencer went on to help design the award-winning console game “Oxenfree” and a Virtual Reality title. Stuard saw the potential of VR, AR, and other Realtime technologies to reach much further than just the entertainment industry and is thrilled to help lead A of the I’s interactive division.


Creative Director | Producer

Jessica has a passion for high-quality filmmaking and experiential design. Originating from a traditional film career, Jessica produces and directs storytelling across all mediums. Building projects that immerse the viewers in a visual, audio and emotional experience is the objective of all her work. Working with the client and production team to produce emotionally driven content that is coalesced to the brand’s mission. She works with Artists of the Industry to continuing growing brands visibility through experiential mediums and event production.



O’Connor Hartnett is a cinematographer with a passion for emerging visual technology, and it’s through this passion that he has aligned him with Artists of the Industry. Artists of the Industry has a vision to use emerging visual technology to convey information and story in new and unique ways, and O’Connor thrives in the creative problem solving needed in these new, uncharted territories. 

O’Connor’s cinematography has taken him from the plains of Africa to the stages of sold out arenas with billboard topping musicians  – and you’ve probably seen a commercial of his on TV too. From commercial to documentary or virtual reality to traditional cinema, O’Connor is always looking for new ways to help people tell their story.


Developer | UX/UI Designer

Cameron Horst combines design, art, and engineering with his UX experience to develop new products and features for AOFTHEI. Pulling from his vast knowledge of VFX, game design, and real-time engines, Cameron is able to bring a client’s vision to life. Horst is a master at rapid prototyping which allows us to have an iterative design process that empowers our clients and delivers an unforgettable experience.


Producer | Production Coordinator

Justin James Dumar is a multidisciplinary artist. Leading Artists of the Industry in all aspects of pre & post production. With a huge passion for digital technology, Justin has been integral part of the company’s activation fusing his perfect balance of technical & creativity. From stitching full 360 4k UHD footage, ambisonic audio mixing, original music & sound design, to organizing and coordinating the logistics for the team’s production. In the age of digital technology, Justin is always exploring creative and unique ways to execute our vision.



Olaf Guerrero has a diverse background in video production and multimedia design. Olaf’s 13 years of entertainment industry experience has helped AOFTHEI build our robust and flexible VR / traditional media post-production pipeline. His attention to detail and collaborative problem solving ensures the highest quality possible for clients.



Gabriel Macario develops and manages AOFTHEI’s backend systems that enable our developers to deliver best in class performance on all of our products. His expertise in database management and server systems help AOFTHEI create responsive and interconnected experiences that provide our clients with detailed feedback on engagement and ROI.


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