Our History

With humble beginnings built from a foundation of a collective desire to keep customer service and partnerships front and center as the leading force of our company’s future is where we start and continue our creative journey as Artists of the Industry (AOFTHEI Interactive and Creative).

The crossroads of Art and Hospitality is where our two founders discovered a collective interest and business partnership spanning over two decades.

Jim Carlson started an event technology company with one goal in mind. He wanted to feed his family and create a company that put the customer first, mixing his love for the hospitality industry, entertainment and audiovisual together with his Midwest work ethic, to create American Audio Visual Center in 1993. So he did. The company became one of the fastest growing companies in the industry before being acquired in 2016.

Duane Tornquist became Jim’s Chief Creative and Marketing Officer in the year 2003. Together they set out to write a script for a different kind of events technology company, mixing the trademark “Extreme Customer Service” Culture with out-of-the-box thinking, blending immerging technologies and creativity in order to build their brand. So they did.

2016 Artists of the Industry was born. Jim and Duane took the best of their past, reconnected with former customers, aligning creative content, marketing skills and the use of modern game development and production services to create the unique studios and agency now known as AOFTHEI Interactive and Creative, Artists of the Industry. A new industry has now been born.


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