Tell Your Story

If you’ve ever shed a tear, giggled or grieved while watching a film, you know: Some of our most intense emotional experiences happen while viewing a film. In its purest form, it’s the written word captured through the lens of cinematography accented with the caress of music. Films play to your emotions, stirring something deep inside of you. Perhaps even a call to action. That’s the power of story, and everyone has one. Motion picture storytelling is not only on the silver screen. It’s also for event productions, boardrooms, and small screens. Connecting emotional content via brand messaging to your audience in the most compelling and powerful medium of all.


From Pre To Post-Production

Everyone has a Story to Tell. You are not just a logo. You have an emotional connection that needs to translate through your unique voice, culture, and design. It starts and continues from the first encounter with you and your brand and your authentic story matters as the most influential pillar.

The way your story is told begins with Artists of the Industry. We have a passion for your brand, you and your story. We employ all ingredients of the medium and design to emotionally connect your message to your audience.


From Story to Screen


The camera’s eye coupled with the imagination of the cinematographer is perhaps the most powerful role in a motion picture production. The cinematographers working in our studio or on location throughout our network are as diverse in style and approach as the brands and industries we serve. The movie making medium takes center stage within our agency work. Just the right depth of field, frame, lighting, and movement can help tell the story in a way that connects the emotional message that you want to deliver to your audience.

Editorial & Color

The editing skillset is an art all unto itself that also dances in and out of the subconscious if cut with the skilled hand of an artisan storyteller. Like a violin maker, the handcrafted editorial process takes expert knowledge and most important, love. Artists of the Industry’s editorial team spans the globe in style, musicianship, and movement. Editorial is very similar to the music process and we find that many of our best editors have great rhythm, know the meaning of groove and can make you cry, laugh or even feel heroic.

Motion Graphics

Saying the right words in just the right font, connects the images and the auditory experience to the message, emotionally stimulating its viewers, with finesse and clarity, driving the message home, where the heart resides.
Graphics play a starting role in our content-driven universe and must be taken seriously. Do not take for granted the power of the font. Therefore and forevermore make sure you give the color, the character, and the format of your chosen written and typeset co-star its due.


Production Tools

Our complete 4K Cinema Editorial Suites are centered around the award-winning Adobe Creative Cloud tools and driven by a custom configured Mac Pro system. Editorial in concert with DaVinci Resolve’s specialized colorization hardware and software takes cinematography and storytelling to the next level. Our world-class recording and sound mixing studio houses a custom API console working with the most sophisticated modern recording technology available in the industry. Combine with our performance stage we’re ready to bring your vision to the screen.


The Golden Hour

Marriott New York Downtown

Artists of the Industry teamed up with the Marriott New York Downtown to highlight their iconic hotel in this reel. Shot on state-of-the-art cameras we tried to bring the city to life and share just how special this location is. Music was composed and recorded by A of the I as well.

Huracan Desert Drive

Jim Carlson, CEO of Artists of the Industry takes a desert drive of the Lamborghini Huracan as our subject matter (machine) used in this short example of Artists of the Industry cinematography and editorial. In this short picture edit, we feature a piece of music written and recorded at Artists of the Industry by our very own in-house composer and producer, Justin James. This piece has a downtempo vibe created to provide a sense of romance and mystery between man and machine.


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