Necessity is the mother of Invention. At Artists of the Industry, we invented the musical composition “85 West” for one of our VIP partners, Marriott Hotels.

The challenge, to highlight the hotel, area attractions and story through imagery and a voice over talent within 2 minutes.

It was necessary to create a sound bed that felt modern and accentuated the feel of Lower Manhattan and the surrounding area with the hotel as it’s home base.

The piece was not about the music, it was about the message.

Simplicity was the key, introducing the flavor of the message and playing a supporting role to drive the outcome. A mixture of electronic with real analog layers and a beat to drive the pace.

Justin James, Producer, Music Composer, and Recording Engineer at AOFTHEI, composed “85 West” from a pallet of colors in sound and tempo that eventually became the perfect piece of custom sound for a 2 minute marketing video, highlighting the New York Marriott Downtown in Lower Manhattan.

In this Podcast, Duane Tornquist and Justin James discus the process and the joy of making “85 West”