In this episode, we explain where we have been over this past year as the AOFTHEI team and business has grown, putting the podcast on a temporary hold. We are back with a behind the scene look at what we have been up to, with an in depth discussion about the generation gap, the AOFTHEI team personal relationships, and the future of the VR and AR business being pioneered by Artists of the Industry. What does it take to build a team? What can each generation learn from the other and together to make life and work better for all? We chat about lessons learned, mentors discovered, learning from history, each other and how to navigate the modern age of corporate communications in a digital fast paced world. From a grassroots approach still being the best way to create a great corporate culture, making mistakes and changes along the way, to creating a product and service that is leading the future in brand activation, creative content marketing and corporate communications, the AOFTHEI Radio Network kicks off season two of the Artists of the Industry Podcast.

Watch video highlights from this podcast: