In this episode we have a conversation with Music Therapist, Lindsay Rossmiller. Together we discuss the alternative healing therapy of music and how professional Music Therapist, Lindsay Rossmiller achieves amazing results in assisting young people with traumatic life experiences and special needs to navigate, find their voice and find a new way of finding healthy solutions for emotional and developmental challenges.

Music therapists primarily help clients improve their health in several domains, such as cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, social skills, and quality of life by using both active and passive music experiences such as free improvisation, song, dance, listening, and discussion of music to achieve treatment goals.

Music has been found to be an effective tool for music therapists through extensive research. It is beneficial for any individual, both physically and mentally, through improved heart rate, reduced anxiety, stimulation of the brain, and improved learning.

Lindsay has had a variety of clinical experience. She has worked with individuals spanning in age from early childhood to end of life to address physical, developmental, cognitive, spiritual, emotional, and social needs through music therapy. Lindsay’s current specialization involves the use of a person-centered, music-centered approach to Music Therapy with adolescents on the autism spectrum, and adolescents with multiple physical and developmental disabilities.

Lindsay obtained her degree in Music Therapy from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and completed her clinical music therapy internship at The Center for Discovery. She is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC), and is a member of The Illinois Association for Music Therapy, and The American Music Therapy Association.

Artists of the Industry and Lindsay Rossmiller recently met through the studio’s network of local professional musicians. A forum discussion centered around a collaboration working with special needs children through local schools in where AOFTHEI can partner with music therapists and educational foundations to best utilize their facility and collaborative soon became an idea that needed to become reality.

In this episode Lindsay brings true life experiences and case studies to demonstrate how Music Therapy works.