Jim Fein, Director of Sales at the New Orleans Marriott and the Sheraton New Orleans speaks about the new AOFTHEI Interactive Virtual Tour Experience recently launched as part of the digital sales and immersive marketing platform tool, now in use at the two iconic NOLA properties.

The AOFTHEI VTX was custom built to showcase these two Canal Street hotels in order to reach event planners to help secure new business when circumstances prevent in person site visit tours of the meeting spaces and guest rooms. In the platform’s short existence, the VTX sales tool has been reasonable for securing new business with proven ROI in this competitive market. In today’s world when standard photo collateral is not enough, the VTX allows the customer to travel through the venue as if they were there in person. Utilizing leading edge digital technology in a video game like experience, is changing the way site visits can be done, driving immersive engagement, saving time and money for the hotel and the customers.