A pioneer in the music business and ahead of his time at many times in musical history including in 2017. Grammy Award winner, Robert Margouleff is an American record producer, recording engineer, electronic music pioneer, audio expert, and film producer. Having worked with musical icons such as Stevie Wonder, Robert Moog and Devo just to name a few, and brining a mix of technology, experimentation, art, passion, discovery and collaboration to every project and idea, Robert remains a important figure to the future of music. Robert is now in the center of immersive audio with Hear360 in a similar way that he was when he helped introduced synthesizers in popular music. Robert has many stories to tel including his work with Andy Warhol and owns the phrase, “Technology Drives the Art”.

Robert’s Margouleff’s “Technology Drives the Art” drew deep parallels with Artists of the Industry. Over 25 years ago Duane met Robert at Ocean View Digital Mastering where Robert was mastering a live album recorded using solar power for Green Pease in 1991. Through social media in which both Robert and Duane continue to share the interworking of their company’s milestones and news, they discovered and started to follow each other closely and eventually connected for this fascinating podcast. Robert and Duane share not only a love for music, collaborating with talented people and a love for living life, but also their pioneering technologies in the world of immersive, VR and AR technologies where audio now plays a critical role.