Artists of the Industry teamed up with the Wilmette Park District and REB Records to give the young girls of the Pirate Tennis Campers to give a special experience in our studios. The girls wrote a song together so Ryan Black and Justin James could produced a music bed for their song to bring it to reality. The ladies young ladies recorded their parts at our Northbrook studios with engineer Justin James Dumar. The song titled “Fixin To Fail” shares their experiences from life,  learning valuable lessons through failure.  Our studio experience together introduced multiple disciplines that have to work together in order to create a complete song and final product. You can do anything but when you work together as a team, nothing is impossible. We are grateful for everyone involved, especially the parents to help create this special moment for these young girls. The next step in this partnership is to create a music video and documentary about park districts and the special opportunities, experiences and learning that is available to help shape the future of young people by providing so many great programs, mentors and support.