Full Immersive 360 Audio

Ambisonic audio plays a big role in full immersion for 360 and VR content. AOFTHEI is proud to offer ambisonic audio services for your next immersive project. Unlike standard audio (left, center, right audio signal) ambisonic audio is a full-sphere surround sound format. Hearing sound from above, below, and all around you, giving a sense of depth, dimension, and space. From birds flying above you, cars driving around you, to the tree’s brushing in the wind behind you, ambisonic audio adds a new level of sensation. Utilizing special tools and microphones to capture spaces in unique ways like never before.

AOFTHEI partnered with COME UNITY, a non-profit organization changing the lives in East Africa through education, basic needs, & sustainability. Our team packed the 360 camera and set off to East Africa, capturing the change that COME UNITY is making, to hear, see, and feel the voices of the men, women, and children of East Africa.

Watch our full length 360 documentary produced by the AOFTHEI team that features an original soundtrack and ambisonic audio all mixed in our fully equipped sound design studio.



AOFTHEI is the purveyor of original music production, song & soundtrack creation. Experience the most powerful and creative in-house sound design and composer services in the business. AOFTHEI music completes the experiential content production toolbox. More than most content agencies, AOFTHEI understands emotionally connecting the scene of a story through sound design and music, giving power to content as imagined. This is possible when the right selection of music is placed in just the perfect moment. Whether one long sustained note or a songwriter’s story is needed, music plays an important role at AOFTHEI.


In the Studio

AOFTHEI creates music at their Chicago studios, that far exceeds the ordinary, typical music bed service. We work in a world-class recording studio environment that encourages creative collaborative fun as part of the AOFTHEI company culture. Our friendly staff, recording artists, mixing engineers, and producers passionately collaborate with composers, performers, and writers to create music beds and soundscapes which add the emotional connection to your project.


Best Tools In The Business

Equipped with the finest audio production tools in the business, AOFTHEI’s music and sound design control room were hand-crafted with every detail in mind. The brainchild of former A&M Recording Studios alumni, Duane Tornquist and Roland Alvarez, incorporating an analog front in conjunction with the latest digital technology, this room is sure to please the most sophisticated golden ears in the industry.

Making music and designing cinematic soundscapes in stereo, surround, or immersive 360 are all possible due to the custom constructed patch bay and signal flow built-in to the studio’s design, ensuring that every possibility is available and easily accessible for creative tracking and mixing sessions.

  • API 1608 console

  • Incredible Mic Selection

  • Musical Instruments

  • Highend Outboard Gear

  • Vocals Booth

  • Vast Plug-ins Library

  • Avid Pro Tools HD

  • Custom Patch Bay

  • Dolby Atmos Equipped

  • Game Engine Design

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